Telangana Government to Send SMS Alerts to Warn People About Heat Wave Featured

Hyderabad: To put a check on heat wave calamities in Telangana, the IT department of the state government has launched a portal to inform residents about weather extremes during harsh summer. It will use Global Forecasting System to predict heat wave and alert residents in the area.

This portal shall collect data from 885 Automatic Weather Station sensors across Telangana. These will be maintained by India Meteorological Department (IMD) and the Telangana State Development and Planning Society. If the sensors detect any signs of heat wave, SMS messages shall be sent out to the residents of the area.

According to the State IT Secretary Jayesh Ranjan, "The idea is to use technology in a way that it helps people. While this portal was launched as a pilot last year, we are expanding its reach this year and bringing into its fold local bodies such as gram panchayats to ensure that information is disbursed accurately and to the right people. We are aiming to issue warnings at least 15 days in advance so that residents can take the required precautionary measures."

"A group of scientists and other experts are working on the portal, incessantly mapping the gradual changes in atmospheric parameters," added Mr. Ranjan.

YK Reddy, Director, IMD Hyderabad, said, "Though the integration of information is likely to come with its own set of challenges, the result is sure to benefit the public. Apart from curbing human deaths, it can also check loss of animal lives."

Mr. Reddy warned that weather conditions in the state could be extreme this season and the northern belt of Telangana is likely to be affected badly.

Post summer, this portal may be used to alert people about floods during heavy monsoon rains.

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