China landslide disaster buries 120 Featured

June 25, 2017: Rescuers pulled 15 bodies from an avalanche of rocks that buried a mountain village in southwest China on Saturday as an increasingly bleak search for some 100 people carried into the night.

Only three survivors — a couple and their one-month-old baby — have been found so far after 62 homes in Xinmo village vanished under a mass of mud and rocks in Sichuan province.


Heavy Rain

Heavy rain caused the side of the mountain to collapse onto the riverside village in the early morning, according to local authorities.

Qiao Dashi, the baby’s father, said he had woken up after 5 a.m. to change his crying son’s diaper when he “heard a big noise coming from the back”. “The house shook,” he told state broadcaster CCTV from his hospital bed.

“Rocks were in the living room. My wife and I climbed over, took the baby, and got out.”

“I have superficial injuries. Overall, I’m okay. But psychologically, it’s hard. The entire village, with dozens of families, was flattened,” he said, with a bandage around his head.

The rescue operation’s headquarters reported that 15 people had been found dead by the late evening, according to the official Xinhua news agency. The Maoxian, or Mao county, government said earlier that six people died and 112 people were missing. Xinhua had reported that more than 120 were buried. Nearly 2,000 police, soldiers and civilians were taking part in the rescue.

Information Source: The Hindu

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